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I had been stalling over introducing our friend and model, Melanie. Melanie has a history. She and I met at a thrift store in Jensen Beach, Florida. I watched as some old lady picked her up and put her on the glass countertop next to the register. I thought "Oh, no, she CAN'T go with her! It wouldn't be right. They are not meant for each other.". Then the old lady was wondering where in the heck would she put her in the car as she had other lady passengers. After all, Melanie is over 2 feet tall! She put Melanie back on the ground in front of the 50-cent rack. I immediately went to her, knowing no matter the cost, she would come home and live with us. Well, 25 dollars later we were off! Nobody at the thrift shop knew her name, but looking down at her bright red roller skates, it was obvious. She had a brand new pair of roller skates! Melanie was her name. Don wasn't so sure when she came into the house. We live in a small home, not much room here. But when he saw her face...that long nose, those horse teeth and big ears, her tail, her costume jewelry, off-white tu-tu and fuzzy boa complemented by purple leggings (80's Maniac-style, of course) and then he realized what I saw in Melanie...a star. She's been to local hot-spots with us ever since. She even went on a family vacation (well, by now she IS family) to northern NJ. On the way we brought her to the famous "South of the Border". Unfortunately while there, she broke her front teeth while pole dancing for us (she says she likes it better now because they aren't so long and horsey). You should have seen her, twirling around so graceful. Not sure how it happened, really. It was so fast. Don's daughter's fiance', Justin, scooped her up right away. (I think Melanie was smitten, don't tell Shayna). She just seems happy. The traveling does take a toll on her at times. It's getting time for a new wardrobe. She's worth it!

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